Team Up With The Alberta Cancer Foundation and The Canadian Cancer Society


Christine Zurburg

Helping people with cancer is something that has always been important to me. Volunteering for Alberta Cancer Foundation fundraising events gave me a feeling of making a positive impact. So, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37, I was lucky to have a support group to give me strength and guidance through this journey.

In November 2011, a numbing feeling overcame me when I heard the words "you have cancer." The emotions I felt were not the ones you might expect upon a cancer diagnosis. This was new. I was facing the unknown.

Thanks to research done before my diagnosis, my cancer care team had a strategy for managing my cancer. Three weeks after my diagnosis, I headed into surgery and received a personalized cancer treatment plan. Staying positive was just part of the gig. It felt good to have people notice how upbeat I was.

Helping those with cancer became even more significant to me. That's why I purchased a ticket in the 2012 Cash and Cars and More Lottery.

While driving to Cross Cancer Institute is still a regular part of my life, I have a positive prognosis. And when I go in for treatment, it can be hard to keep my emotions in check. This was especially true on November 13, 2012 when I received a text message from a dear friend saying "I think you won something." A year after my diagnosis, almost to the day, I learned that my single Cash and Cars and More Lottery ticket was drawn and I won the second Grand Prize package!

The feeling that overcame me this November was the opposite of numbing. The emotions I felt were exactly what you might expect.

Cash and Cars and More Lottery has helped to ease my cancer journey in so many ways. That's why every ticket we sell supports the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society, funding research prevention and screening, education and care throughout the province.

As a cancer patient and a Cash and Cars and More Lottery ticket buyer, I am living proof that your support can make a difference in the lives of courageous Albertans facing cancer. Your support will create a legacy – a legacy of life.

Lance Krobel

Lance Krobel - Brain cancer survivor

"I'm back on top of the world thanks to the wonderful work of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Alberta Cancer Foundation. I am especially thankful for the compassionate volunteers who supported me through my journey and for God's grace."

Faisel Shariff

Faisel Shariff - Ewing's sarcoma survivor

"Your support means so much to all who have faced cancer. It creates a positive ripple effect that moves families and communities throughout Alberta to stand as one. We are all in this together."

Anne Bratton

Anne Bratton - Breast cancer survivor

"Two small words with huge meaning — thank you. Thank you for all that you have done and all you continue to do so that one day, maybe one day, no one will have to hear the words 'you have cancer.' Without the support you provide, I would not be here to say that I am a breast cancer survivor."


More than 45,000 Albertans will undergo cancer treatment this year.

This year 6,300 Alberta families will lose someone they love to cancer.

The good news is that with a more than 60% survival rate the likelihood of beating cancer is the highest it's ever been.

And we won't quit until we make that number 100%.

You can help us get there by supporting the Cash and Cars and More Lottery 2013!

When you buy your ticket for the Cash and Cars and More Lottery 2013, you help more Albertans survive every year by supporting the fight against all 200 - plus cancer types.

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