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Fifteen years is a major milestone for the Cash and Cars and More Lottery. Albertans across the province have won countless prizes — cars, cash, trips, and homes, and helped us raise more than $25 million. Time has gone by quickly, but when we look back to the fall of 2000, when the lottery first launched, facing cancer in Alberta looked very different than it does today.

On-going research has led to new preventive measures and life saving treatments. The scientific, technological and medical advances have allowed us to deliver progress on every front and save more lives.

Thankfully, we are on the cusp of great things in Alberta. For example, research has accelerated significant progress in treating Albertans facing cancer.

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose was one of those Albertans facing a devastating diagnosis.

Working full time and taking more than a full course load at university, Ashley was living life in the fast lane. But in 2005, she felt like her gas tank was running on empty. She was exhausted. Who could blame her? On top of her fatigue, Ashley also worried about the lump she felt on her neck. It was time to see her doctor.

Ashley Rose was 21 years old when she heard the words “you have cancer.”

Thyroid cancer is a difficult cancer to treat, with many patients requiring invasive neck surgeries and quality of lifealtering radioactive treatments. But discoveries made right here in Alberta are giving our family and friends access to the most innovative treatment options available.

Had Ashley received the same diagnosis a year earlier, her cancer journey might have been drastically different. “My doctors told me I would need treatment over three sessions – a radioactive iodine drink. Each time, I would have to be in isolation for a week – no work and no family for seven days.”

Thanks to ground-breaking research, made possible in part thanks to the Cash and Cars and More Lottery, Ashley’s treatment was personalized to her physical make-up and cancer type.

“The doctors found I had a particular biomarker and adjusted my treatment to it. After only one round of treatment, I was given the all-clear and could be with my family— my pillars of support — rather than be separated from them.”

The impact Ashley’s cancer had on her life was significantly reduced and it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of care teams at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary and 15 other associate and community cancer centres across the province. Today, she has her university degree and works with energetic pre-schoolers as an occupational therapist. Your support helped make that possible — thank you!

Thanks to ground-breaking research, made possible in part thanks to the Cash and Cars and More Lottery, Ashley’s treatment was personalized to her physical make-up and cancer type.

Together, we’ve seen a lot of change over 15 years, but there’s still more we can do to improve the odds of survival for Alberta’s cancer patients. With your support of the Cash and Cars and More Lottery, we can continue investing in the things that matter most to Albertans facing cancer.


Sandra Skrober

Pancreatic cancer survivor

It was November 28, 2006, when I noticed that my hands, arms and eyeballs were yellow. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ten days later, I had nine hours of surgery. It was caught early and I was very, very lucky.

It wasn’t easy. My life after surgery was very grey. I was sad all the time and worried that I wouldn’t survive – the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 8%. Then I saw a pamphlet for the Canadian Cancer Society CancerConnection at my doctor’s office.

Two days later I was connected with a volunteer, Mike, who called and told me about his diagnosis eight years before and what he went through. He told me, “If I can make it, why can’t you?” That was the first night I had a really good sleep and here I am almost 8 years later, sharing my story.

Thanks to money raised through the Cash and Cars and More Lottery over the past 15 years, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society have been able to fund cancer research, treatment facilities, support services for people living with cancer and much more. I’m happy to say that I’m fully living life again because of this progress! I’m working at a residency program at the University of Calgary, doing zumba, travelling, enjoying time with my family, and volunteering with CancerConnection, all because someone like you purchased a ticket.

I’m living proof that your purchase of a Cash and Cars and More and You Win 50 ticket makes a difference in the lives of people living with cancer in Alberta.

So much progress has been made to overcome cancer in the last 15 years, but we still have lots of work to do. With your ticket purchase, I’ll be able to tell the next cancer patient,



Dian Smith

Breast cancer survivor

“Where would I be without the support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society? The care I received during my breast cancer journey has taught me to be a more compassionate person, to appreciate and value life, and to take time to smell the roses. From myself and my husband, thank you for supporting the Cash and Cars and More Lottery.”

Tim Buckland

Testicular cancer survivor

"Cancer is a battle that is not won by a single person. With your support, patients like me are winning these battles and living full, healthy lives. Thank you for this opportunity and know that there will be more survivors like me because of your generosity."

Trevor Sauer

Skin cancer survivor

“I am here and my daughter is here thanks to being on an innovative clinical trial. We’re so incredibly grateful. If I could say anything, I would say ‘thank you.’ Thank you for giving me my life. Without your support, I wouldn’t be here. Simple as that.”

2014 is a milestone year for the Cash and Cars and More Lottery. For 15 years, proceeds from the Lottery have helped ease the cancer journey for patients right here in Alberta – saving lives through more effective treatments and better screening techniques. Your ticket purchase makes a difference for those living with cancer in Alberta. Join us in celebrating our 15th anniversary and buy your tickets today. Thank you.