Creating More Moments


Kelly & Kelly Liebe

An inspirational family, dedicated to making a difference

Kelly Liebe was diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer in 1997. She was treated at the Cross Cancer Institute as part of a clinical trial. In 2009, Kelly’s daughter, Chrissy, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Like her mother, Chrissy was treated at the Cross, but on a more refined version of Kelly’s clinical trial. Sadly, Chrissy’s cancer returned in 2012 and she lost her life in December of that year.

For a family that has had to endure more cancer than any family should, Kelly was re-diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, and Kelly’s husband (also named Kelly) has recently finished treatment for stage 4 head and neck cancer, after being diagnosed in early-2018.

Through it all, the Liebe’s have never lost their determination to make a difference for others, and they have channeled their energy into raising funds and awareness for the Alberta Cancer Foundation in support of the Cross Cancer Institute.

Kelly says people assume places like the Cross are sad, but she knows care centres can be full of friendliness and laughter. “There are so many talented, professional, care-giving people. The connections that you make are the connections you carry with you.”

Thanks to the Liebe family, and Albertans like you, we are powering progress and working to create more moments for Albertans facing cancer.