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the official list shall prevail.


Win Daily Winners!

Ticket # First Name Last Name City Prize
652957001 Debra Skrabek Calgary Win Daily November 1st Prize $5,000 cash
660613002 Don Kuefler Edmonton Win Daily November 2nd Prize $50,000 cash
658102004 Dorothy Neufeld Leduc Win Daily November 3rd Prize $5,000 cash
755012015 Rm Hutcheon Calgary Win Daily November 4th Prize $5,000 cash
754038011 Corinne Karpick Medicine Hat Win Daily November 5th Prize $5,000 cash
655938003 Jim Mciver Wetaskiwin Win Daily November 6th Prize $10,000 cash
651751001 Evelyn Campeau Fort Kent Win Daily November 7th Prize $5,000 cash
659496004 Norm Lunde Rocky View County Win Daily November 8th Prize $5,000 cash
664962004 Trevor Hildebrand Camrose Win Daily November 9th Prize $5,000 cash
754446004 Jane De Klerk Calgary Win Daily November 10th Prize $25,000 cash
756157003 Lan K Vy-Dang Edmonton Win Daily November 11th Prize $5,000 cash
755468008 Teresa Lynn & Ron Nadon Calgary Win Daily November 12th Prize $5,000 cash
663605004 Dan Farrell Calgary Win Daily November 13th Prize $10,000 cash
666123004 Irene Melnyk Calgary Win Daily November 14th Prize $5,000 cash
662258003 Faye Sietzema Olds Win Daily November 15th Prize $5,000 cash
663494003 Lester Deep Fort McMurray Win Daily November 16th Prize $5,000 cash
756104003 Diane L Lapointe Edmonton Win Daily November 17th Prize $5,000 cash
752487013 Joy Taylor Drayton Valley Win Daily November 18th Prize $25,000 cash
751510005 Billie Zeith Blairmore Win Daily November 19th Prize $5,000 cash
661086004 Fred & Cathy Steeves Onoway Win Daily November 20th Prize $10,000 cash
756219012 Niomy Lotzien Sherwood Park Win Daily November 21st Prize $5,000 cash
658868003 Wyonne & Michael Caine Edmonton Win Daily November 22nd Prize $5,000 cash
750537003 Barry Johnstone Leduc Win Daily November 23rd Prize $5,000 cash
756125004 Nicole Osborne Red Deer County Win Daily November 24th Prize $25,000 cash


Grand Prize Winners!

Ticket # First Name Last Name City Prize
203084002 Alex Broda Calgary Calgary Show Home & $5,000 cash
401063018 Rick & Carol Andersen Chestermere St. Albert Show Home & $5,000 cash


You Win 50 Winner!

Ticket # First Name Last Name City Prize
803879022 Alice Diane Haraba St Paul You Win 50 - Cash Prize $939,677.50


Early Bird Winner!

Ticket # First Name Last Name City Prize
117297 Landon Vegter Edmonton Furnished Condo in Calgary or $250,000 cash


Loyalty Winner!

Ticket # First Name Last Name City Prize
200847002 Sharon Morris Calgary $50,000.00 Cash Prize