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Alberta Cancer Foundation


Every ticket purchased supports Albertans facing cancer. Who’s your ticket for?

We All Have Someone To Win For

When you buy a ticket, you support Albertans facing cancer – a disease that deeply affects us all. 

As a fundraising partner for all the cancer centres in Alberta, the Alberta Cancer Foundation supports world-class research and patient care, right here in our own province. Every community. All cancer types. Every step of the way. But the Alberta Cancer Foundation can’t do it alone. It takes a village. One that includes the generosity of loyal supporters like you who help fund innovation in cancer detection, treatment and care. 

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By The Numbers

1 in 2

Albertans will develop cancer in their lifetime


New cancer cases expected in Alberta in 2024


Albertans will hear the words “you have cancer.” every day.

Creating More Moments

Alan Budd

Treated at the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton

“The other day, I gave a flat stone to each of my grandkids and said, ‘I need you to hold this and squeeze it and think of grandpa in the big machine, and I will feel better’. When I came out, my grandson exclaimed, ‘Look grandpa, I held the stone!’ and I responded, ‘Oh, I could feel it!’ I wrote their names on the stones, and now they keep them beside their bed to hold when they want to send positive thoughts my way.” 

Seventeen years ago, Alan Budd walked the halls of the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton hand-in-hand with his beloved wife, Nina, who was at that time, undergoing treatment for lung cancer. After completing her treatments, Alan and Nina enjoyed seven wonderful years together before Nina was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014, leading to her passing shortly after.  

A decade later, Alan found himself retracing those familiar steps, this time as a patient facing his own cancer journey. It was during his routine blood work that his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level was found to be elevated, drawing attention from his doctor, and upon further testing, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He swiftly began receiving treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute under the care of Dr. Adam Kinnaird. As the Frank and Carla Sojonky Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, Dr. Kinnaird is focused on improving treatment and care for prostate cancer patients. 

Now, Alan sheds a tear almost every time he walks into the Cross, saying, “It’s hard to be back, but once I walk through the doors, I know I’m in the right place, surrounded by experts and compassionate people who I can trust.” 

Alan put his trust in capable hands as he underwent radiation. He is grateful for the advanced technology, ongoing research and very thankful for the care he and many other Albertans have the opportunity to receive

photo of man smiling in front of the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton Reply
Photo Credit: Jo Concetta
Photo of cancer patient with no hair in jeans and tank top posing for portrait
Photo of cancer patient with no hair in jeans and tank top posing for portrait

Amy Waiau

Treated at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary

Amy was working remotely in Hawaii, surfing, and enjoying the life she was building when her life took a drastic turn.  

It started with symptoms like fatigue, body aches, rapid changes in body temperature, a stubborn cough and what seemed to be an insignificant lump on her neck. Although these symptoms were too vague to carry much concern in the beginning, it was their lingering presence and a friend’s gentle nudge that led Amy to the doctor.   

A chest x-ray discovered a notable mass in Amy’s chest, and she was advised to urgently fly back home to Calgary for further testing. Sadly, Amy was informed she had stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in her chest and neck. She was only 25 years old at the time.  

Although Amy initially responded well to treatment and was deemed cancer-free, her cancer returned. Not once, but twice. 

Now, five years later, Amy is facing Hodgkin’s lymphoma for the third time.  

As she recovers from a recent bone marrow transplant, she finds comfort in calling Calgary home. Not only because of the compassionate care she has received from the staff at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, but also because Calgary will soon be home to the Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre–the largest of its kind in Canada. For Amy, knowing that this world-class facility will soon be opening in the fall fills her with hope for a brighter future, not only for herself, but for her fellow Albertans facing cancer. 

Support Albertans Facing Cancer

By supporting the Cash & Cars Lottery, 50/50 and Win Daily Cash, you’re ensuring we can provide the very best care, close to home so that every Albertan facing cancer can focus on what matters most: healing.

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